Award History

IEEE-SLED 2023 Best Paper Award

>  Seung-cheol Choi, Jung-Han Kim, Young-Doo Yoon, Chan-ook Hong, “V/f control method for torque ripple reduction in a single phase induction motor”, Best Paper Award 3rd Prize.

KIPE 학술대회 2022 우수논문상

>  우태겸, 이승은, 배석민, 윤영두(한양대), “자기저항 동기 전동기에서 자속 포화 모델의 상호 포화항에 대한 매개변수 추정”, 2022 KIPE 학술대회 우수논문상.

IEEE – ICPE 2022 Best Paper Award

>  Hyun-Jun Lee, Je-Eok Joo, and Young-Doo Yoon, “Standstill Sensorless Self-Commissioning Strategy of Synchronous Machine Considering Rotor Rotation Reduction Technique”, IEEE-IPEC 2022 Best Paper Award 1st Prize.

JPE 2021 백현상

>  Min-Sik Yoo, Seung-Cheol Choi, Sang-Woo Park and Young-Doo Yoon, “Identification of mechanical parameters for position-controlled servo systems using sinusoidal commands”, Journal of Power Electronics 2021 Baekhyun Award.

KIPE 학술대회 2020 우수논문상

>  우태겸, 박상우, 최승철, 임상학 윤영두(한양대), 이학준, 홍찬욱 이정준(LS 일렉트릭), “상호 포화를 포함한 자기 저항 동기 전동기의 자속 포화 모델에 대한 정지 상태 추정 기법”, 2020 KIPE 학술대회 우수논문상.

IEEE – ICPE 2019 Best paper award

>  Min-Sik Yoo, Sang Woo Park, Hyun-Jun Lee, and Young-Doo Yoon, “Off-line Compensation Method for Current Scailing Gains in AC Motor Drive Systems with Three-Phase Current Sensors”, IEEE-ICPE 2019 Best Paper Award 3rd Prize.